Wifi Advertising


Wifi marketing helps you drive more customers to your door with a powerful, yet easy-to-use automated marketing suite. Turn your guest wifi into an automated marketing tool. 

WIF Advertising is affordable for small businesses. You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to get big results. Every account comes with great-looking email templates, text message marketing, and marketing integrations that are mobile-responsive and can be easily customized to match your brand.

Wifi marketing, helps you can grow your customer database lists quickly and easily. Real-time reporting gives you the ability to measure results. Best of all, you can get up and running with the automated wifi marketing solution in minutes. 

Start growing your business with wifi marketing with an integrated advertising system.



About the router

Why? By adding a separate physical-Fi device dedicated for public usage, not only does it make your network more secure, but it also enables aSocial Login option that is only available with custom hardware.

Connection speed? A minimum of 40MB down and 5MB up speed which is much less than your average high-speed internet connection speed. Faster Internet connections will result in improved performance for your connected users.


Limitations? Each location you set up can be adjusted for maximum bandwidth and timed Iinternet access limits.

How many? The Social-Powered Hotspot can support up to 200 simultaneous users.

Range? Depending on the conditions of where the router is set up, signal distances can vary between 50-100 feet or 5000 square feet.



Brand your login page with custom logos and colors, integrate with your own social applications. Sell Advertising on your login page


Your specific business goal is to get more return business, increase social awareness, boost reputation, get more likes on Facebook and generate more Google reviews.


Understanding Client Objectives

  • Generate real leads and build an email list
  • Increase customer involvement and loyalty
  • Improve social media presence with more likes and shares
  • Run promotions, discounts, contests directly to your current clients
  • Wi-Fi sponsored advertising puts cash in your pocket
  • Targeted messages to your clients by email or text after leaving your location

Who Could Benefit?

All businesses with a physical location can benefit.

Institutions: Schools, Museums, Public Buildings, Churches, Healthcare Waiting Rooms, Public Areas, Parks

Hospitality: Hotels, Airports, Restaurants, Coffee shops,

Entertainment: Event Centers Indoor and Out

Retail: Shopping. Hair Salons, Grocery Stores, Car Dealerships, All Waiting Areas


Why Does It Matter?

Great Opportunity

You Provide Free Wifi Already?

Wherever it's provided, 75% of smartphone owners connect to WiFi on their devices. Faster Connections to the Internet!

Wi-Fi Drives Decisions

Three out four consumers say that Wi-Fi availability affects their (Shopping, eating, sleeping) purchase decisions.

Customers crave it

65% of people make restaurant decisions based on WiFi while 94% say that it's the most important amenity at a hotel.

Increases spend

50% of small businesses that use WiFi say customers spend more money when free Wi-Fi became available


Easy to Setup!