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By[Morgan IDS INc]
A USA, veteran-owned  Company specializing in design  & development and based in Steubenville, Ohio.


Consulting Topic Expertise


Choosing the right software to run your site.

 SEM and PPC
Paid search engine and Facebook advertising

 Business Branding
Making your brand visible on search engines.


Setup of analytics for the site.

 Business Metrics
Understanding and analyzing business performance in search engines.

 Small Business Needs
Tools used by big business.


Consulting always starts with a review of the project and clients goals for project. One would think all small business have the same goals but they don't. There is however a  need to complete a task list for all Internet-based projects.

Our development team posses a wide variety of Internet expertise. Ranging from which programs or service to use for proper setup of site and security to hosting, social implementations and design. 

Out consulting is not limited to our developed projects but also sites that are currently completed and clients desire help fixing or finalizing what they expected from the beginning. We start by analyzing the project if it is online and providing a written report on the site performance and ranking in search engines.

New projects are set up to start with all the tools to get your site locally ranked in search engines and we discuss in detail what these tasks are. Fortunately, the programs we suggest are built along the strict guidelines wanted by the search engines and this reduces the hours necessary to complete the project. Small business should have all the understanding and tools to promote their business at affordable rates.

Analytics is set up for sites so they can see their traffic. Analytics is used to track not only traffic but flow thru a site by a user. Analytics can show traffic to the site from marketing campaigns. Analysis of this traffic tells us how we can modify sites to build the brand, concentrate on search terms that work for your business and text modifications to improve user approval of site. 

Content is still king for page ranking. Sites cannot be all pretty images and design. The effort needs to be put into building site around your business, history, and traditions. It needs to be you not a rewritten copy of some other company in your business niche.