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The tools used in social software applications include communication tools and interactive tools.

A Social Network is a popular online communication channel for the latest information flow among communities and group of people.
Due to its very nature the social networking sites are gaining popularity among advertisers and marketers to reap the benefits of reaching the real audience.

New Social networking software development gives an opportunity to online marketers to promote their business, brand, and products in variety of ways.
To the people, social networking sites give them opportunity to gain access of a new world that is in their reach because social networking has evolved from just chat and messaging to sharing of images, music, videos along with the ability to create specific groups, communities that can be public or private.

In short, Social Networking Software gives and opportunity to promote and share at the same time.

Instant Messaging

An instant messaging application or client allows one to communicate with another person over a network in real time.

Text Chat

Online Chat allow users to join chat rooms and communicate with many people at once, publicly.


Blogs, short for web logs, are like online journals for a particular person. The owner will post a message periodically, allowing friends to comment. Topics often include the owner’s daily life, views on politics or a particular subject important to them.

Social Libraries

This Feature allows visitors to keep track of their collectibles, books, records, and DVDs. Users can share their collections. Recommendations can be generated based on user ratings, using statistical computation and network theory.

Share Your Music & Videos

It was never easy before to upload and integrate audio and video files with your profiles. LoveMyPets.Com makes it easy through rich controls for members to upload the stuff and share the both audios and videos with other community members.

Access to Information

We strongly believe on the security of the data and information. We prevent unauthorized user(s) from accessing member’s information, to edit information regarding their profiles or access to the restricted areas you require to login.

Public or Private your Network

We care much about your privacy. Using this feature you have the full rights to make your social network public or private.

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